6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Portsmouth Multicultural Group Website

  1. I think it will be nice a photo of the PMA committee.
    Are we going to put a form or a box for the festival where people want to have a stall or want to perform, etc they can leave a message or explain what they do, then we contact them.
    We could put later a window for the comments people want to do after the festival or this is going in the facebook page?
    Good work with the web!!!

    • Hello Paloma — yes under Events, there is a page called Stalls Pack – let me know if you can’t see it because that is a bug if not. You need to be signed in to the website to view it, but from there you can download a PDF of the form, or fill it in online and attach the relevant documents right there on the page.

      Direct link is http://multiculturalgroup.org.uk/events/stalls-pack/ – if you’re not signed in or not a member it SHOULD take you to the sign in page first.


  2. I have a lovely evening 15 June, in the film evening. Great cakes and drinks and very good film, ” Marley”. I think we should have more evenings like that.

  3. Hi Paloma, I thought the film was great. Gave a good insight to Bob Marley that I didn’t know before. Got some good ideas for the next festival, so I hope we get lots of people to come and enjoy the day. love Annette

    • coach load from south east london visiting Portsmouth on Sun 1st. Just came across this event – look out for us we’re a very noisy lot!

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